The dark side of
the cloud

Most breaches are not the fault of the cloud provider, but a failure of the organization’s own controls.

Misconfigurations are the hidden risk of a cloud world

Cloud misconfiguration has become a key vulnerability for organizations. “Nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfguration, mismanagement, and mistakes.” is stated in the Gartner Innovation Insight for Cloud Security Posture Management report.

Compliance Violations

Application deployment and use is spread across locations and groups, which makes unified assurance a complex and time-consuming process.

Data Exposure

The accidental misconfiguration of cloud applications is one of the most common causes of data exposure, costing companies time and money, loss of customer trust and loss of business is the largest component of this average cost calculation.

SoraTrust Cloud Security Posture Management

SonaTrust is a CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) product

Automates governance across multi-cloud assets and services including visualization and assessment of security posture

Clous misconfiguration and abnormal behavior detection

Enforcement of security best practices and compliance frameworks

Cloud Security Posture Management Features

Visualize every connected resource across your AWS environment

Continuously monitor your environment and immediately enforce governance with hundreds of pre-built policies

Enable secure DevOps and automated risk-ranked alerts prevent remediation fatigue

Maintain continuous compliance and easily generate reports across your cloud environment.

1-click compliance reporting eases auditing across even the most complex distributed environments

Use anomaly detection capabilities to root out account compromises and insider threats

Investigate current threats or past incidents and quickly determine root causes

SoraTrust Cloud Security Posture Management

Enterprises can safely and confidently adopt new cloud technology to catch up with market trends and strengthen competitive edges with minimum risk of industry compliance violation

Secure Configuration

Ensure cloud resources have proper configurations for authentication, data encryption, internet connectivity, and more for compliance and strong security posture.

Reduce time and effort on security matters

Increased productivity

Detect abnormal behavior

Identify and detect abnormal behavior that humans and machines have by using machine learning analysis of access policies, resource policies, actions, and roles.

Automatically prioritize serious incidents/violations

Lower security risk

Achieve regulatory compliance

Automatically map public cloud deployments against 16 different laws, regulations, and security standards. Gain visibility and control of compliance violations, regardless of your industry.

Safely adopt new cloud technology

Enhance business agility

Simply Usage

Step 1: Discover assets and configuration

Within minutes, discover assets and their configuration across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS workload in AWS, Azure, GCP, Microsoft 365. Identify sensitive data-at-rest and your risk of data exposure. Simply connect SoraTrust to your cloud account via API, not need to deploy anything – it’s that simple.

Step 2: Security and compliance visibility

Instantly understand the security posture of workload configuration, abnormal behavior, mapped to thousands of security policies covering every major cloud service.

Step 3: Risk prioritization and policy governane

Prioritize security gaps with risk-based scoringand implement customizable policy-based governance to remain secure and compliant as your cloud evolves

Step 4: Remediate issues

Recommend remedial acctions, step by step guideline to fix issues anywhere in your lifecycle, from development clouds to your production clouds

  • No development experience needed
  • Detect and prioritize cloud security risks in minutes
  • Comprehensive risk detection: misconfigurations, identity and access management risk, abnormal behavior, vulnerabilities..
  • Build-in hundreds of security policies, support AWS, AZURE, GCP and Office 365
  • Assess and report follow dozens security compliance frameworks suck as CIS, ISO27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, CSA, SOC 2…

Actionable security intelligence for faster remediation

SoraTrust uses a simple resource query language that offers three core capabilities: advanced querying, alerting, and automation

  • Query data to filter or search for assets.
  • Search and investigate security issues.
  • Monitor and alert on compliance and standards violations, and other security issues.
  • Automate ticketing and reporting.
  • Support API to integrate ( DevOps system, SIEM...)

STEP 01 – Take the assessment

Assess your public cloud exposure risk. Try it out in your cloud in minutes by SoraTrust to discover misconfigurations, excessive permissions, and sensitive data.

STEP 02 – Set up a demo

Evaluate your readiness for security transformation. Watch a demo to discover how Workload Posture can help reduce the risk of your cloud environment.

STEP 03 – Contact us

Choose the partner for your journey. Work closely with our team to build an implementation plan for your cloud environment.

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