SonaTrust is a CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) product that provides comprehensive cloud security solution for visibility and risk detection across your organization’s multi-cloud environments, perform continuously security assessing, monitoring and protecting cloud workload based on key security compliance frameworks.

  • SonaTrust is a cloud security product that automates governance across multi-cloud assets and services including visualization and assessment of security posture to identify cloud misconfiguration and abnormal behavior detection, and enforce security best practices and compliance frameworks.
  • Visualize every connected resource across your cloud (AWS, AZURE, GCP) environments.
  • Continuously monitor your environment and immediately enforce governance with hundreds of pre-built policies.
  • Maintain continuous compliance and easily generate reports across your cloud environment.
  • Enable secure DevOps and automated risk-ranked alerts prevent remediation fatigue.
  • 1-click compliance reporting eases auditing across even the most complex distributed environments.
  • Use anomaly detection capabilities to root out account compromises and insider threats.
  • Investigate current threats or past incidents and quickly determine root causes.

  • Technical benefits
    • Secure Configuration: Ensure cloud resources have proper configurations for cloud infra, authentication, data encryption, internet connectivity, and more for compliance and strong security posture.
    • Detect abnormal behavior: Identify and detect abnormal behavior that humans and machines have by using machine learning analysis of access policies, resource policies, actions, and roles.
    • Achieve regulatory compliance: Automatically map public cloud deployments against 16 different laws, regulations, and security standards. Gain visibility and control of compliance violations, regardless of your industry.
  • Besiness benefits
    • Increased productivity: Reduce time and effort on security matters.
    • Lower security risk: Automatically prioritize serious incidents/violations.
    • Enhance business agility: Safely adopt new cloud technology.

  • Simply Usage: After adding a cloud account for SoraTrust (Read-only permission) to connect your cloud environment, SoraTrust will automate assess and analyze your cloud services configuration and cloud activities to identify risks, threats and support you to handle them. Basic flow are as below:
    • Step 1: Discover assets and configuration: Within minutes, discover assets and their configuration across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS workload in AWS, Azure, GCP, Microsoft 365. Identify sensitive data-at-rest and your risk of data exposure. Simply connect SoraTrust to your cloud account via API, not need to deploy anything – it’s that simple.
    • Step 2: Security and compliance visibility: Instantly understand the security posture of workload configuration, abnormal behavior, mapped to thousands of security policies covering every major cloud service.
    • Step 3: Risk prioritization and policy governance: Prioritize security gaps with risk-based scoring and implement customizable policy-based governance to remain secure and compliant as your cloud evolves.
    • Step 4: Remediate issues: Recommend remedial actions, step by step guideline to fix issues anywhere in your lifecycle, from development clouds to your production clouds.
  • Ready-to-use: No development experience needed
    • Detect and prioritize cloud security risks in minutes.
    • Comprehensive risk detection: misconfigurations, identity and access management risk, abnormal behavior, vulnerabilities ...
    • Build-in hundreds of security policies, support AWS, AZURE, GCP and Office 365.
    • Assess and report follow dozens security compliance frameworks such as CIS, ISO27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, CSA, SOC 2 ...
  • Work smarter: SoraTrust uses a simple resource query language that offers three core capabilities: advanced querying, alerting, and automation:
    • Query data to filter or search for assets.
    • Search and investigate security issues.
    • Monitor and alert on compliance and standards violations, and other security issues.
    • Automate ticketing and reporting.
    • Support API to integrate ( DevOps system, SIEM...)

SoraTrust is designed to work for: IT or Cloud Managed Serive Provider and IT, DevOps or security derpartment of all-size companies who intend to ultimately secure their cloud platform and are seeking for a cost and time effective solution.

SoraTrust facilitates businesses to audit, monitor and maintain cloud compliance with different industry standards on AWS, Azure and GCP. With being compliant with these standards, your cloud will be highly secure from being compromised by attackers. You can have an overview into the status of your compliance against standards as well as industry best practices. SoraTrust not only allows you to see which specific parts are facing issues, but also identify the root cause behind them. Remediation function is provided to help users to address their incompliant problems. In addition, cost and performance of your cloud services will also be greatly optimized.

  • Currently, SoraTrust support more over 10 security standard frameworks, includes: CIS for AWS, AZURE, GCP, ISO27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2, CSA ...
  • SoraTrust add quartely new security stardard frameworks or national regulations ...

SoraTrust offers broad and flexible APIs to integrate with third party solutions. If customers’ business cases demand any functionalities which haven’t been covered in current APIs, we will be willing to support.

You can access the URL: and fill contact us form to send request to us. We offer a 30 days free-trial for all customers.

We have flexible pricing model, please contact to arrange the most convenient and reasonable model for you. Please feel free to send us any request on Contact Us form in URL: or contact +84969071915 (Mr. Hai).

Please feel free to send us any request on Contact Us form in URL: or contact +84969071915 (Mr. Hai).